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29 Apr 2021
Why do strings break?
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12 Apr 2021
Do you need a teacher to learn a string instrument?
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Welcome at 4strings!

Looking for the right strings for you instrument, for a new block of rosin, a music stand, mute...? Or are you planning to set your first steps in the wonderful world of music and looking to rent an instrument? You came to the right place!

My name is Dries, already a string player for 25 years and an avid freelance violinist. I would like to help with any question or wish you have regarding your violin, viola, cello or double bass! As professional musician I have personal experience with many of the items you can find on the 4strings website, and I invite you warmly to join me on the discovery for the perfect string and accessory combination for your instrument.

At 4strings you get personal service, and quality items for super sharp prices. By string players, for string players!

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