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With a regular inspecting session and everyday cleaning, the quality of your instrument stays assured. The maintenance during the rental period as well as replacing broken strings is at cost of the tenant. Though, we want to assist you in this process. Next to all your questions you can also bring us a visit for a general inspection and maintenance of your instrument. 

You can bring your instrument to 4strings (by appointment) on the address Wayenborgstraat 22, 2800 Mechelen. For €20, one of our employees will do a complete maintenance and check-up of the instrument. We will:

  • check and possibly correct the soundpost
  • fully clean the instrument
  • straighten and reposition the bridge
  • replace the strings if necessary (price of the strings not included)
  • check and clean the bow, repair or replace if necessary
  • subject the instrument to a thorough technical examination.

Do you want to do a check-up of your instrument? Please contact us!