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At 4strings you can easily rent a string instrument if you're living in Belgium. We would like to give you a summary of our rental conditions (a full general terms can be found at the bottom of this page).

1. Start your rent

If you rent your instrument at 4strings, you rent at a local company. We are a company based in Antwerp with our warehouse in Mechelen. We sell strings and accessories all over Europe, and we rent out instruments in Belgium. If you choose to rent your violin, viola or cello with us, the process is as follows:

  1. You submit your rental application
  2. You receive a confirmation mail with the rental agreement and a first payment mail
  3. You sign the rental agreement and mail it back to us, and you pay the €20 set up and the first 3 months of rent
  4. You receive your instrument by secured parcel, or you can pick it up in Mechelen (on appointment)
  5. You start becoming the new Paganini and share your picture on our facebook page (optional, but we like a little bit of fun ;))
  6. Each month we send you a payment notification for your rent

2. Stop renting

Are you done renting? Then simply send us mail to end your subscription. You can either send the instrument back for free through a parcel point, or you can return it to us in Mechelen (on appointment). You can end your rental agreement every month after the initial 3 month period. No strings attached (at least not to the rental contract)!

3. Changing instrument

If you have outgrown your instrument, or if you want to upgrade to a better quality instrument, you can simply send us mail. We arrange the return of the instrument and send you a new (bigger/better) one. You only pay the fixed €20 set up and shipment costs. You can also purchase your violin, viola or cello through our rent purchase option. You receive a discount based on the rent you already paid.

4. The instruments

Our instruments have been carefully selected and are inspected thoroughly before each start of renting. Before you receive the instrument, we make sure that the instrument:

  • Is in prime condition
  • Is equipped with new quality strings
  • Is equipped with all necessary accessories (bow, rosin, case or cover, shoulder rest...)
  • Is ready to play

5. Maintenance

Once you start renting, all further maintenance of the instrument is up to you. So make sure you keep your instrument clean and undamaged. If you need to change strings during the rental period, this is also something the renter should take care of. Luckily we also have tons of strings on our website :)

If you feel unsure about maintaining your violin, viola or cello, you can always contact us for technical advice, or for maintenance of the instrument. You can come to our workplace in Mechelen and for €20 we'll do a full inspection of the instrument:

  • Have a look at (and if necessary make adjustments to) the sound post
  • Clean up the entire instrument, inside and outside
  • Correct the bridge to the right positioning
  • Change strings if necessary (price of strings not included)
  • Inspect and clean the bow, and if necessary repair or change
  • Give the instrument an all-round technical check up

As you can see renting an instrument at 4strings has quite a number of advantages, so we hope to receive your rental application in the near future! Do you have any further questions? Check out the full rental conditions below, or simply contact us. We'd love to hear from you!


Rental conditions (legal agreement)

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