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You are renting a violin, viola or cello at 4strings and are so immensely satisfied you want to play on the instrument the rest of your life? We offer a rent-purchase option to all our tenants to acquire their favourite instrument.

You can purchase your instrument at any moment in your rental contract. The base price is the value of the rented set, like described in your rental agreement. You can deduct 80% of the payed rent, with a maximum of one year rent value. Like this, you are sure to buy an instrument on which you have already played and you certainly appreciate!

By example: you are renting a cello with a value of €700. After 8 months renting you decide to buy the instrument. By then, you have payed a total of 8 x €18 = €144 on rent. You can deduct 80% of the payed rent, which is €115,20 from the value of the instrument. So you are paying only €584,80 to acquire the instrument for yourself!