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Looking for a quality violin, viola or cello?

A broad collection of violins, violas and cellos, suitable for both starters as well as more advanced players!

Looking for a quality violin, viola or cello?

Nothing beats playing on your own violin, viola or cello! At 4strings you can find an extremely interesting collection of violins, violas and cellos to buy. We have instruments in full sets (with bow, case, rosin) in different sizes for all levels: from starters to advanced students, from young to old!

All instruments are delivered 100% ready to play and fully mounted. This means you just have to take the instrument out of its case, tune, and you're ready to go! You'll find this service rarely at other online shops, who'll send you a package that still needs set-up. For beginning players this is extremely frustrating, as set-ups are usually done by professionals.

At 4strings we choose instrument that are unbeatable in terms of price and (sound) quality ratio. We offer sets and instruments in different price ranges, so that everyone can enjoy a quality instrument!