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Shipping and delivery

How quickly can my order be shipped and delivered?

We hold most items that you can find on our website generously in stock. If all items in your order are in stock, then we ship your order on working days within 24 hours after your order. Depending on the time of your order, this can be on the same day. Usually orders that are placed before 15h will be shipped on the same day (though we cannot fully guarantee this, so don't pin us down on it :)).

The final moment of delivery depends on the shipping method you choose:

  • A standard non-traceable shipment through non-registered postal mail will be in your mailbox within 1 to 3 working days
  • A traceable shipment through a parcel service will be delivered next working day in 99% of the cases.

We are a shop with more than 2000 strings and other accessories, so this means that once in a while (though we aim as little as possible) an item might be out of stock. That's a pity! But don't despair: usually we can manage to get a missing item within a couple of days. Should there be an item not in stock and if we can't keep our promise on the 24-hour shipment, you'll be notified right away by mail.

What are the shipping costs?

  • bpost letterbox post: parcels of less than 350g that fit through a mailbox opening can be shipped as letterbox mail. Think of orders with only strings (violin strings, viola strings, cello strings and most double bass strings) and small accessories. These are shipped in sturdy (bubble) envelopes and are not traceable, unless you choose registered shipping. The shipping costs are the following:
CountryStandard shipping costs
Free shipping from order value
Transit time
Belgium non prior€1,95€1002-3 business days
Belgium prior€2,95€1001-2 business days
Netherlands€2,50€1002-4 business days
Rest of EU€2,95€1002-8 business days
  • bpost parcel tracked: small parcels under 1kg can be shipped as small traceable parcel within the EU. Shipping costs are as follows:
LandStandard shipping costsFree shipping from order valueTransit time
Netherlands up to 100g€3,50€1002-4 business days
Netherlands up to 1kg€4,50€1002-4 business days
Rest of EU 0g-100g€4,95€1503-8 business days
Rest of EU 100g-250g€5,95€1503-8 business days
Rest of EU 250g-500g€6,95€1503-8 business days
Rest of EU 500g-1kg€9,95€1503-8 business days
USA 0g-500g€9,95€1997-14 business days
USA 500g-1kg€14,95€1997-14 business days
  • PostNL: The fastest option, traceable parcel shipment available for all parcels regardless of weight. These shipping costs are as follows:
CountryStandard shipping costsFree shipping from order valueTransit time
Belgium€4,95€1001 business day
Netherlands€5,95€1001 business day
Luxembourg€6,95€1991 business day
France€9,95€2992-3 business days
Germany€7,95€1991 business day
United Kingdom€9,95€2992-3 business days
Italy€13,95€3493-4 business days
Spain€16,95€3493-4 business days
Bulgaria€29,95€4994-5 business days
Denmark€12,95€3493-4 business days
Estonia€29,95€4994-5 business days
Finland€21,95€4992-3 business days
Greece€19,95€4996-7 business days
Hungary€19,95€4993-4 business days
Latvia€29,95€4993-4 business days
Lithuania€29,95€4994-5 business days
Austria€12,95€3492-3 business days
Poland€14,95€3492-3 business days
Portugal€18,95€3993-4 business days
Romania€21,95€4994-5 business days
Slovenia€19,95€4993-4 business days
Slovakia€16,95€3993-4 business days
Czech Republic€15,95€3493-4 business days
Sweden€17,95€3992-3 business days
Norway€29,95€4992-3 business days
Ireland€16,95€3992-3 business days
USA€49,95€4995-10 business days

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions about shipping!

Is my order traceable once it has been shipped?

That depends on the shipping method you choose.

  • Shipments through bpost are (if they are small enough) with non-normalized postal mail. These are by default not traceable.
  • A shipment through a parcel service is traceable. You'll receive a track & trace link on the moment we ship your order.

What happens if I'm not at home for delivery?

This depends again on your shipping method:

  • If delivery is by bpost, you don't need to be at home since it will fit in your mailbox :)
  • If delivery is by a parcel service, the courier will try to deliver the parcel at a neighbour. If he manages to do that, he'll leave a small not in your mailbox indicating where you can pick it up. If not, then he'll drop your parcel at a pick up point in your neighbourhood. You'll be notified by a small letter in your mailbox as well.

Can I come pick up my order?

Of course! Our shop is in Mechelen (Belgium). The exact address is Wayenborgstraat 22, 2800 Mechelen.

If you choose for "Pick up" as a shipping method, we'll notify you once your order is ready for pick up.

Oh dear, I ordered the wrong item! Can I return it?

Sure, no problem! But there are some simple conditions:

  • You have to notify us of a return within 14 days after the initial shipping.
  • The items in your return shipment need to be unused and in their unopened, original packaging, because otherwise we can't resell them.

I'm not sure what I need. Can you help me?

Definitely! You can contact us on [email protected], through the contact form or give a call on 0032 (0)15 10 00 56. We're expert on everything related to bowed string instruments, so ask away :)