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Pirastro metal core strings:

  • Pirastro Evah PirazziPirastro Chromcor for violinviola and cello: attractively priced single filament metal strings, with a very clear and projecting sound. Apart from some classical usage, they are very popular in alternative genres and are very suitable for electric instruments.
  • Pirastro ChromcorPlus for cello: same single filament metal core as regular Chromcor, but wound with chrome steel. The Plus strings have a slightly darker, yet still very projecting sound. They are known for their tuning stability and break in very quickly.
  • Pirastro EvahPirazzi for cello: just as its brothers on violin and viola a very popular string set for cello. The A and D string are made of a regular metal core, the G and C string with cable core. A deep and full sound with a lot of sound variaties are central in this set, so they are very popular with cellists all over the world. Very good stability and responsiveness.
  • Pirastro EvahPirazziSoloist for cello: the well known Evah Pirazzi sound, but with even more projection, without becoming shrill. Very good responsiveness.
  • Pirastro EvahPirazziGold for cello: recently developed string set with a very round, full sound and lots of over- and undertones. They have a good projecting sound and a short break in period. They react quickly, over all dynamics. Evah Pirazzi Gold strings are pricy, but they get rave reviews from cellists all over the world nonetheless.
  • Pirastro Flexocor for cello: metal strings with carbon steel cable core, giving them a warm yet projecting sound. Very good response in pizzicato playing, and short break in period. The A string can be combined with gut core strings because of its warmth.
  • Pirastro Flexocor
  • Pirastro FlexocorPermanent for violin: just as its cello brother a metal core string with a slightly warmer sound. They have a steel cable core and sound a bit like D'Addario's Helicore strings, but slightly darker.
  • Pirastro Permanent for viola and cello: a quality metal string set with regular steel core and cable core, wound with different materials (titanium, silver and tungsten). They produce a warmer and more round sound than other metal core strings.
  • Pirastro PermanentSoloist for cello: Permanent strings with a little more tension, giving them more projection, useful for soloist playing.
  • Pirastro Perpetual for cello: new set of cello strings, and quite the bombs! These strings sound very powerful due to their higher tension, yet at the same time they enjoy a lot of overtones and sound very rich. The are expensive, but the resulting sound quality is astounishing! Also available in a Soloist edition with even more power.
  • Pirastro Perpetual Cadenza for cello: Perpetual Cadenza G and C strings have a slightly lower tension, resulting in less pression on the other strings and the possibility to open up the whole instrument. Ideal to combine with other Perpetual strings! 
  • Pirastro Perpetual Edition for cello: the latest addition to the Perpetual line. This version has the most focust, loudest sound, yet with good playability. 
  • Pirastro Perpetual Soloist for cello: small bombs. They are based on the Perpetual core and offer a harmonic broad sound, but the Soloist version is extra brilliant and focused. Verhy high tension strings, mainly on the upper strings. 
  • Pirastro Piranito for violinviola and cello: the cheapest metal strings of Pirastro and therefore often used for students and on smaller instruments. The metal strings are unwound, giving them a very easy response and a very projecting sound. Not really suitable for professional use, but because of their durability a good solution for younger string players!

Thomastik-Infeld metal core strings:

  • Thomastik-Infeld SpirocoreThomastik-Infeld Belcanto for viola and cello: strings with braided cable core that produce a warm, rich sound that allows for many colours. They have an easy response and are very stable. They are moreover very useful for hybrid use: both in pizzicato and arco they broduce a free, open sound with resonance.
  • Thomastik-Infeld BelcantoGold for cello: more developed Belcanto strings, with a little more spice. They can easily be combined with regular Belcanto strings. 100% free of nickel, so ideal for players with a nickel allergy.
  • Thomastik-Infeld Präzision for violinviola and cello: budget solid steel strings with a powerful sound, mainly suited for students or players in alternative genres (pop, jazz, folk...) and electric instruments.
  • Thomastik-Infeld Spirocore for violinviola and cello: a very powerful and in terms of sound maybe the loudest string set. The Spirocore E string for violin is known for its stability and lack of whistling. The tungsten wound G and C string for viola and cello are often used to give instruments extra spice and broaden the sound spectrum. They have a higher tension. Silver wound Spirocore strings are less fierce.
  • Thomastik-Infeld Superflexible for violinviola and cello: allround strings with a flexible cable core, giving them a good response and without giving them a stiff feeling. They produce an open sound without harshness. Very durable and stable.
  • Thomastik-Infeld Versum for cello: a brand new cello string set that tries to combine the best of two worlds: an A and D string that sound full and not shrill, and a responsive full-bodied G and C string. On the expensive side, but they are Thomastik's attractive answer to the increasingly popular Larsen cello strings.
  • Thomastik-Infeld Versum Solo for cello: a variety on the warm sounding Versum string set by Thomastik, but with a far more projecting and direct sound. They can be easily mixed with regular Versum and Spirocore tungsten strings. 

Larsen Strings metal core strings:

  • Larsen MagnacoreLarsen Original for cello: very popular cello string set. There's a reason why Larsen once started as a manufacturer solely focused on cello strings! The produce a very pure, clear sound and have a good responsiveness.
  • Larsen Soloist for cello: a slightly more projecting variety of the standard Larsen strings For instruments that need that extra volume the Soloist edition is a very popular alternative. Only available for A, D and G.
  • Larsen Magnacore for cello: a recently developed string set that allows for a very broad range of sound colours: from dark, warm and sweet to big volumes. The G and C strings are considered as thé low cello strings one should try. Recently an A and D string were added to the set, as well as lower tension strings (Magnacore Arioso) that allow you to play with volume and repsonsiveness characteristics. Pricy strings, but worth your budget!
  • Larsen Magnacore Arioso for cello: a variety on the classic Magnacore strings with a different balance in tensions and an overall lighter tension. The goal is to free up mainly the upper strings. 
  • Larsen Il Cannone for cello: Larsen's most recent addition to his product range. In this set you can combine the variants Warm & Broad and Direct & Focused for your ideal setup. Highly recommended for the most demanding cellist!
  • Larsen Aurora for cello: the student Larsen strings! They are relatively cheap, but offer a lot of quality and a nice, projecting sound for their price!

D'Addario metal core strings:

  • D'Addario Helicore for violinviola and cello: a multi layer steel core string set with a warmer sound. They are relatively cheap and last long, making them very popular. Their small diameter allows for a very good response. Also suitable for electric instruments.
  • D'Addario Kaplan for cello: offer a warm and round sound. They allow for small nuances and are ideal for instruments that sound by nature loud. 

Jargar metal core strings:

  • Jargar Classic for violin, viola and cello: chrome steel wound metal core strings with a clear tone and easy playability. The lower strings (g string for violin, g and c string for viola and cello) also exist with silver winding.
  • Jargar Young Talent for cello: a variety on the Jargar Classic strings, but for smaller instruments. They are easy to play and have a good life span, making them perfect for both beginning as well as advanced students! 
  • Jargar Superior for cello: go further where the Classic strings left off and offer a full, rich sound with plenty of overtones and a good projection.