Violin strings Larsen Virtuoso

Larsen Virtuoso violin strings combine a low tension (which results in good bow response) with a powerful sound and are therefore unique in their genre!
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Violin strings Larsen Virtuoso
Violin strings Larsen Virtuoso
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Strings always have to balance the equilibrium between a big sound (which usually requires a higher tension string) and good bow responsiveness (which is a lot easier on a low tension string). Larsen Virtuoso violin strings try to combine a low tension with a nonetheless projecting sound, and they do the job quite well! They are therefore an excellent tool to give warmer or neutral instruments more spice, without giving up on good bow responsivity.

Larsen Virtuoso violin strings are available in tensions medium and heavy. The heavy tension variety has a slightly more focused, soloistic sound.


E string core Carbon steel, unwound
A string material Synthetic, aluminum wound
D string material Synthetic, silver wound
G string material Synthetic, silver wound

How to order?

  • Select in the first field the size of your instrument (if applicable).
  • In the second field you can choose the type of string. You can order a full SET or individual strings.
  • In the third field you can select the tension you would like, if applicable.

Ball or loop end?

E strings on a violin and A strings on a viola can come in two versions: with a ball end or with a loop end. The ball end string has a small ball at the end that you insert into your (finetuner) tailpiece. A string with a loop end has a small loop that fits over a small hook on the E or A string side of your finetuner tailpiece.

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Which tension?

  • Medium tension: this is the most used tension, because the manufacturer has taken it as a standard that works well for most instruments. If you're not sure which tension you need, always take medium tension.
  • Strong tension: thicker string, that usually sounds louder than medium tension but is less responsive and more difficult to play.
  • Light tension: thinner string that sounds slightly less loud, but usually is more responsive and easier to play.
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