Violin strings Lenzner Optima Goldbrokat Premium

The Lenzner / Optima Goldbrokat E string continues the success of the classic version. This premium E string uses a new special steel, which results in very good resonance and a brilliant yet warm sound.
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Violin strings Lenzner Optima Goldbrokat Premium
Violin strings Lenzner Optima Goldbrokat Premium
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The Lenzner Optima Goldbrokat Premium uses a new special steel which quality and sound characteristics set new standards. The surface is extremely uniform, the string has a very good resonance. Its sound is brilliant but yet warm. Insensitive to external infl uences, this string has a very long durability.

String thickness:

  • Medium tension: 0,26mm
  • Heavy tension: 0,27mm
  • Extra heavy tension: 0,28mm
  • Light tension: 0,25mm
E string core Steel, unwound

How to order?

  • Select in the first field the size of your instrument (if applicable).
  • In the second field you can choose the type of string. You can order a full SET or individual strings.
  • In the third field you can select the tension you would like, if applicable.

Ball or loop end?

E strings on a violin and A strings on a viola can come in two versions: with a ball end or with a loop end. The ball end string has a small ball at the end that you insert into your (finetuner) tailpiece. A string with a loop end has a small loop that fits over a small hook on the E or A string side of your finetuner tailpiece.

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Which tension?

  • Medium tension: this is the most used tension, because the manufacturer has taken it as a standard that works well for most instruments. If you're not sure which tension you need, always take medium tension.
  • Strong tension: thicker string, that usually sounds louder than medium tension but is less responsive and more difficult to play.
  • Light tension: thinner string that sounds slightly less loud, but usually is more responsive and easier to play.
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